Style 101
Sunday, March 21, 2004
One of the fastest changing fads is style in the fashion sense. One day blue is the it color and then the next day yellow is in and blue is out. You have to stay on top on these things. Using this website you can figure out what's hot and what's not. 

Right now pastels are so the fashion. Pink is the must. Pink pants, sweaters, capris, and shorts are completely in. Pink is especially fashionable when worn with other pastels, like light yellows or light blues. Always were the lighter shade on top and the darker underneath. For example, say you have some blue terrycloth shorts and a choice of a fushia colored pastel tank or a light blush pink halter wear the halter. The lighter the top color the better. 
Whats hot and whats not. New updates on what to wear.

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